Global customer research and decision behavior experts

We are research veterans specialized in customer behavior. With roots in advanced methods, Nofaque works with top companies to understand buying decisions.

Our Buzz

We get a buzz out of helping our clients grow their brands through directly communicating with consumers/shoppers in large scale quantitive studies.

No fence sitting

We don’t ever sit on the fence: we provide actionable marketing insights because if we didn’t, what’s the point?

Objectivity is Key!

We get the best out of studies by conducting them with minimally informed participants in a comfortable setting. We believe the best way to do that is through casual conversation via messaging applications that your customers use to talk to their friends.

How we work

Nofaque uses 21st century research methods for today's cross-platform consumers.

  • 1

    Surveys & Data Collection

    We identify your target market, design a study and conduct surveys.

  • 2

    Mystery Shopping

    Study participants might be activated as mystery shoppers to discover preferences of studied personas.

  • 3

    CX Strategy & Design

    We analyze collected data and create a customer experience strategy for your company.

  • 4

    Project Management

    We'll help you execurte your customer experience strategy.